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To view a sample power level site, please click "Register Here". You’ll also get access to a national database sorted by state of elected officials in some cases down to the county level.

Click eMarketing Edge Right Now and take advantage of our powerful mashup databases searched by zip code.

01Track Donations tracks campaign contributions by business, industry and individuals.

02Key Phrases tracks the most frequently spoken words publicly by an elected official. and more...

03Track Project Funding reveals who is getting federal funding, what types and how much.

04Track Ballot Items identifies lists of ballots, sponsors, contributors and more….

Launch Your Power Site Now!

Our Launch site is economical and offers sufficient power to collect data, provide networking and build momentum as your budget expands.

  •  Most importantly we can get your customized site published in 3 Days*.

The Level 1 ePolitcalPower website is designed to put the full power of the internet, social networking, e-marketing strategies, and data capture in the hands of any size campaign to win at the ballot box. This website will boost donations, virally increase grassroots supporters and increase voter turnout.


The Level 2 ePolitcalPower website is designed to use technology to multiply grassroots efforts by leveraging social networking, e-marketing strategies, and data capture.The result is a campaign with the power and effectiveness of those with twice the budget and staff. Boost donations, virally increase grassroots supporters, increase voter turnout and win!


The Level 3 ePoliticalPower website expands grassroots power exponentially to compete on a broader scale, or to completely dominate in smaller races. These additional key features will build a campaign army to give you an omnipotent presence:


ePolitical Power Social Feeds

This area shows your social networking messages from Twitter, facebook, etc on your campaign website.

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